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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” I am going to tell what is search engine optimization? Hello everyone! I am Manish. Welcome to Micronwebs Services. Like I told that today we are going to talk about what is search engine optimization. You are going for an interview or you will train someone, or you will work anywhere, and you tell a client that I want to SEO your website, then for that, you should know what is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization is made up of two words. First is ‘Search Engine’ & second is ‘Optimization’.First, let’s talk about search engines. So what is a search engine? A search engine is a software system that has been created to search for information or, to find information from the World Wide Web, i.e., the Internet. Because you know that thousands of websites or millions TB of data are stored here.

A system has been created to find that datawhich we call Search Engine

Now let’s talk about optimization. So what is optimization? Optimization means using something perfectly. So what it means to say here is that we do the best optimization of the search engine in search engine optimization,

Search Engine Optimization

 i.e., Use the search engine to your advantage in a better way. Now think about how you can use the search engine. If I have a website or a business, then I can make sure that any person types anything related to my business, product, or service in any search engine, so he should see my website at the top. So this is the best use of search engine in optimization that we do in search engine optimization. For example, I have a designer showroom. I make designer dresses. This is my business. And I want that whenever someone searches for designer dresses in Delhi, then my website should be visible at the top. This is an amazing thing. So that’s what we have to do is to optimize our website in such a better way that they appear in the top ranks of search engines.

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